French-Italian Cuisine
Wide choice of pasta & pizza dishes
Chef’s speciality : first-grade sirloin steak & veal escalope
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• Soup
Cream of tomato soup 5,90 /
• Cold Starters Starters Dishes
Carpaccio of beef, parmesan 13,50 /
Mixed salad 6,40 /
Salad Figaro : lettuce, Italian cold meats and cheese 11,90 14,90
• Hot Starters    
Shelled scampi with two sauces 15,40 22,90
Shelled scampi in garlic butter 15,40 22,90
Shelled scampi with cream, garlic 16,40 23,90
Shelled scampi «Figaro» : fresh tomatoes, mild curry, cream, basil 16,90 24,90
Fresh raviolis filled with Parmesan cheese and basil in a cream
sauce with artichoke hearts (starter 4 pieces, main dish 7 pieces)
11,90 20,90
Frogs’ legs in homemade garlic butter 13,90 20,90
Frogs’ legs with cream, garlic 14,90 21,90


Scampi or frogs legs served as a starter 6 pieces, as a main dish 9 pieces.
Our main dishes are served with a choice of fresh tagliatelle, French fries,
croquette potatoes or new potatoes

Some dishes and sauces may contain allergens.
If you have any food allergies, please ask your server for details

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